OpenWRT on Asus WL-550gE

Recently my home wireless connection has been shaky: from 20% packet drops to lost connection from time to time.
So, after 6 years of flawless work, I've tried to install OpenWRT on my WL-550gE.
Even though the device is listed as supported, I haven't found any detailed procedure about installing the firmware.
Here is mine:
  • Download and install on a windows machine, the Asus Firmware Recovery Tool.
  • Get the latest OpenWRT image for the asus: note that even if it's a .trx file, upgrading with the router web interface isn't working.
  • Set the windows machine IP as and connect it to the LAN1 port of the router.
  • Select openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx in the Asus Firmware Recovery Tool but don't press Upload.
  • Launch a ping -t
  • Power off the router.
  • Keep the black RESTORE button on the back of the router, pressed and power on. Keep it pressed until the POWER LED begins flashing.
  • When the already running ping shows that the router is responding, press the Upload button in the Asus Firmware Recovery Tool.
  • The firmware will be uploaded and the router will reboot: note that after reboot the POWER LED will remain off.
  • Follow the firstlogin FAQ page to configure the router.

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