Importing contacts in CSV format into Gmail / Android

Importing contacts from a Blackberry CSV file require the following fields to be renamed

Company Name = Company
Work Phone = Business Phone

Field names that worked for me:

First Name,Last Name,Company,Business Phone,Mobile Phone


Is Google Docs still a toy?

Despite the new version removing some limits, working with Google Docs is still somewhat a lottery.
Here's the error of the day, on a chart that always used to work:

I've reported the error, but I've never had a feedback on previous reports...


Set lockscreen wallpaper with Muzei

This was tricky as it seems not to be documented anywhere.
It's possible to set the wallpaper of the lockscreen using Muzei, but it's not really intuitive:

Go in the screen settings.
Set BOTH wallpapers (home and lockscreen)
Select Live Wallpaper
Select Muzei.
Now the lockscreen wallpaper will be set along the home screen one.


More on engine temperature

Given the consistent results I've got with my previous modification, I've dared a little more.
I fitted some cheap pipe insulators in the remaining slots of the radiator grill:

The lower insulator is kept in place by pressure from the license plate, while I fixed the upper one with a couple plastic ties.

I was worried this type of insulation will prevent the engine from refreshing and will cause it to overheat.
As a stress test, I drove for an hour on various medium/high speed roads and some steep hills.
Even though the weather was sunny and the ambient temperature was 7 degress, coolant temperature reached 90 degrees and didn't go any further.


Covering the Yaris radiator

Low temperature causes higher fuel consumption, so I tried an old trick.
In a car accessory shop, I've found and old Fiat 127 radiator rubber cover. The owner was pleased to sell it to me at a discounted price, since he said nobody uses it anymore.
Colour and size are just fine for the Yaris.
I just had to cut some holes to fit 3 plastic cable ties to grab it to the rear mask.

There are even some windows that can be opened to regulate air flow in warmer days.

Results are encouraging.


Yaris 12V again

It seems that even the older Yaris has a 12V clamp in the hood that can be used for jump starting the car.
According to this Spanish forum:
It's possible to use the highlighted connector in the HV fuse box that carries the +12V from the battery.
The bolt in the lower right corner can be used for the negative clamp.