If Apple were to make a car, will it be able to resist the pun?


Steam on your car dashboard

Following up my post on car driving gamification, I'm going to push it a little further.
Using data from GPS, the car will be able to rate our driving style:
did we drove on that uphill curvy road optimally?
By uploading driving data, it will be possible to compare them with other drivers that drove the same road and crown a real "king of the hill".

Are we going to see Steam on our infotainment systems?

Will we get Steam achievements while driving?


TV 2.0

Notes on how the new TV should be. Apple, take note!
  • The TV should turn on immediately: my IPad wakes up faster than my TV. Just ibernate the whole thing, instead of a full boot. 
  • When turned on, image and sound should came up simultaneously. 
  • The TV should be able to accept commands as soon as the image is shown, not several seconds later (LG, I'm talking at you). 
  • If the TV is woke up by pressing a number, it should turn on already tuned on that channel (again, this is for you, LG).