Playo Android

This could be an interesting piece of hardware: an android phone, minus the phone, with HDMI output and USB ports.
If, as they say, it will be sold for less than 200€, and it won't have a locked firmware, it could become the ultimate living room geek toy.
It has a full keyboard, while others don't, and by installing a full linux distribution on it (like some android phones) you could have your own miniserver.
I assume that, given its phone roots, power consumption is still as little as a phone.


  1. i got one, from 4geek , but its shit, dont buy it from them, the device is locked with android 2.2 , theier assistance never answers, they close phones on your face, and the green toll free number never answers, so calling the other number costs 0.30 a minute.in italy they tricked a lot of suckers like me to buy it, waste of money

    1. I haven't got one myself yet, so I can't confirm or refute what you're saying.
      If it's true, it might be a classic case of good idea but bad execution.