Comparing Mhz from 2005 to 2011

i know i may asking for the holy grail here, but i'd like to share some thoughts on that.
a couple of months ago i was planning an hw refresh for a farm built way back in 2005, based on Xeon MP 3.0 Ghz processors, with newer blades with some X5660 processors.
looking at the vcenter statistics i can see the actual farm is using something like 50Ghz as an average, and has a physical to virtual cpu ratio of about 1.5.
by a rule of thumb, i may say that on newer processors, doubling the p2v cpu ratio won't cause any problem, even if i don't have any evidence to prove it.
speaking of Mhz instead, i'm trying to find out how a 2011 core compares to a 2005 one.
even if X5660 cores are running at 2.8Ghz, i don't think they're "slower" than Xeon MP ones.
i've fiddled a litte with the published spec.org CINT2006 benchmark results
here is a sample:

 xeon 3.8Ghz        11
e5345 2.33Ghz       16
e7330 2.4Ghz        17
e7458 2.4Ghz        20
x5460 3.16Ghz       27
x5560 2.8Ghz        35

so, it seems that the X5560 is at least 3 times faster than the old xeon.

after some weeks, i've stumbled upon this blog post that seems to come to the same conclusion
MIPS have served well for the mainframe world, why shouldn't they work for x86 also?

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