Motorola Defy vs Samsung S2 Plus

I've been using a Motorola Defy for the past 2 and a half years.
Now I switched to a Samsung S2 plus, expecting to find some improvements.
The S2 has a bigger screen than the Defy, but a lower resolution. Anyway I like the bigger screen more than the lack of resolution, that is not dramatic.
The AMOLED screen is way easier to read in sunlight, but contrast and gamma seems out of range: reds are loaded and dark photos are darker than on the Defy.
Current Samsung firmware doesn't have color calibration either.
With some gamma correction, this screen could kick asses.
With a bigger screen I would have expected a better on screen keyboard experience, but typing on the screen is a pain as always.
The battery is another notable difference from the Defy. It just drain faster on the S2. 
Way faster.
I never had to charge the Defy in the middle of the day. I wish I could say the same of the S2 Plus.
I don't know if it's a hardware issue or a software setting, but I have the clear feeling that the lower part of the screen is less sensitive.
The Defy was resistant to water and dust. The S2 clearly is not. This is something that I miss.
The S2 has double the RAM and double the cores of the old Defy.
This makes the S2 more responsive, but I expected a little more: there are still some apps that force the launcher to be reloaded, like dolphin browser.
The GPS gets a fix in a handful of seconds, probably thanks to the glonass system, but the compass is always wrong.
Even after calibration. This makes using Google sky really frustrating.
In the end, while the S2 plus is a good phone, I still think that the Defy, at its time was a notable terminal. An updated Defy would be a clear winner for Motorola.

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