Using Torque with the Yaris Hybrid

Being a geek inside, I just feel uncomfortable without some kind of a "perfmon" of a given system.
The Yaris Hybrid, with its HSD engine, is an interesting system that deserve to be observed.
Modern (2001+) cars, have a data bus where performance data are collected and broadcasted for diagnostic purposes.
This bus (the CAN bus) can be accessed through an ODB-II port.
To collect and display these data you'll need:
  • an android phone
  • an OBD-II bluetooth adapter
  • Torque, an android app that can collect, record and display engine data from the car data bus.

I bought this adapter from amazon .

The OBD-II connector is located under the steering wheel, near the motor hood knob.

I plugged the adapter into the OBD-II port

I paired the adapter with the phone using bluetooth.

PriusChat has a thread about the PIDs needed to collect data from an HSD3 engine: http://priuschat.com/threads/geniii-prius-custom-pids-for-torque-app.98693/
Download the Prius3 PIDs .csv file
Put the .csv file into the .torque/extendedpids directory on your android phone.
Run Torque and select:
Settings / Manage extra PIDs / Add predefined set
Select the .csv filename you just copied.

Now, with the engine on, data begins to flow on the "Realtime Information" Torque screen:

Seeing data in realtime is fun, but the real game is collecting it for offline study.

To configure logging, go into the settings menu:

Settings / Data Logging & Upload / Select what to log
and add some PIDs like
  • Engine RPM
  • State of Charge
  • Batt Pack Current Val

Note: you'll have to scroll down to the Trip Recording section and check "Also log selected sensors". If this option is not selected, the log file will contain only GPS data and no engine data.

You can start and stop logging from the Realtime Information screen, using the menu.

Once you have collected a trip log, you can view it from the "Map View" screen.


  1. Anonymous29/4/15 20:11

    How do I find ./torque/extendedpids directory? Can I navigate to this from Android or do I need to mount it on Windows PC to find it??

  2. Check this http://torqueloganalyzer.blogspot.it/p/how-to.html