A trip by the sea

Having survived Christmas and its endless lunches and dinners, a change of pace was necessary: so we decided for a walk near the sea.
From home, it's a 75+75km trip.

Here is the elevation profile of the road: it starts at 97m, goes up to 590m and down to 10m

On the downward slope, I was caught in a traffic jam: 15 minutes of stop-and-go slow moving.
Here is a snapshot, 9 minutes in the jam: not only I didn't use the engine at all, but I even charged the battery.

That's a fully charged battery, a rare sighting in normal traffic:

Back home, the total mileage was 5.0 l/100Km
I'll compare this result with a later summer trip, where temperatures will be more favorable to better mileage and the car will have more running (it only has 2500Km right now).

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