dmidecode 2.11 for Windows

Every now and then, I find myself doing some machine inventory. Having a common tool for Windows and Linux is a big plus, so collected data is coherent between different systems.
dmidecode is a Linux utility that reads the BIOS and prints out the configuration of the machine (CPU, cores, RAM).
Browsing the Internet I've found one version for Windows, but it's still version 2.10 and it doesn't support newer BIOSes.
So I've picked up the patches that Hugo Weber had done for version 2.8 and integrated them into the 2.11 source tree.
I've compiled them with DevC++ and here they are:


  1. Thank you very much for that tool! It really helped!

  2. Anonymous7/2/13 05:34

    Superb, thank you. Here is the batch file I made to pull out only the memory info:

    ( BJ1 is the room number preface, CID.txt is the computer's ID )

    @echo off

    rem http://astro-stuff.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-now-how-many-slots-of-memory-are.html
    rem http://pleasedonttouchthescreen.blogspot.com/2012/05/dmidecode-211-for-windows.html

    dir c:\ | find "BJ1" | sed "s/^.*B/ B/" >> tmp.txt

    echo. >> tmp.txt

    dmidecode | sed -n "/0x0036,/,/0x003B,/p" | find /v "0x003B," >> tmp.txt

    echo. >> tmp.txt

    rem notepad tmp.txt

    type tmp.txt | find "BJ1">> dmidecode.txt
    type \CID.txt | sed "s/^/ /">> dmidecode.txt
    type tmp.txt | find "Size" | find /v "No" >> dmidecode.txt
    echo.>> dmidecode.txt
    del tmp.txt

    notepad dmidecode.txt

  3. Anonymous14/5/13 11:17

    Thanks for the update. I was using Hugo Weber 2.8 version for a long time but it fails on newer HP business PCs with UEFI BIOS. Will try this new version @works.
    Others fine (command line) tools:
    Probes the SMBIOS and returns detailed data about the system RAM
    CPU Identification utility
    control and monitor storage systems