The hanged power brick

I don't like clutter on my desk, neither cable jams underneath, so here is a tool-less solution for placing a notebook power brick under the desk.

You'll need 2 adesive cable guides and a plastic strip:

Stick one tab on the side of the power brick:

Stick another on the side of the desk:

Now, slide the plastic strip aligning the tab on the desk and the one on the brick as shown:

Let the brick slide along the plastic strip until the plastic tabs will rest one onto another (here shown unattached):

Note that the plastic strip is simply inserted inside the guides of the plastic tabs and can be extracted at will.
The power brick will be hold by the tabs:

The brick is not fastened in any way, and it can be pulled out when needed on the road.
Once back at the desk, the same plastic strip can be reused to hold the brick again.

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